The Jerusalem Intercultural Center (JICC) was founded in 1999 with the aim to assist the city’s residents, from diverse identities, in becoming responsible, active partners in shaping the development of their communities and Jerusalem’s future. The Center strives to be an authority that can aid professionals, activists and organizations in promoting a city that is better adapted to the many identities that call it home.

The two main complementing paths that the JICC identified for fulfilling its mission are:

  • Citywide Cultural Competence – making Jerusalem a city that provides all its residents excellent and just access to all relevant services and public spheres.
  • Cross-Cultural Community Engagement – active and effective involvement of all community stakeholders in impacting the city and its communities.

The JICC is dedicated to making Jerusalem a more participatory and inclusive environment for all its residents, regardless of ethnicity or creed. We aim to equip residents to affect the public sphere, and be equally enabled to access social, educational, religious, governmental, and health services — basic human rights. We seek to organize and facilitate improved communication between different communities and the relevant agencies and service providers, to ensure the smooth and peaceful resolution of issues, both sensitive and routine. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in the JICC board, in which many of the Jerusalem identities are represented.

JICC house

Located on Mt. Zion, on the seam between the city’s major identities, the JICC is home to a wide range of inter-identity dialogue, professional development and training. We also operate and host in this house regional and municipal programs promoting the JICC mission.

The JICC’s approach encourages cooperation and support between different organizations that can help create a city that involves its residents. As part of its mission, the Center conducts training programs and provides professional guidance in professional project management, community dialogue and empowerment, cultural competency and working within multi-cultural frameworks.

In addition to its primary mission – Jerusalem and promoting dialogue between different identities in the region – the Center has become a resource in the region and around the world. It also aspires to exchange knowledge and expertise between Jerusalem and other places around the world that deal with similar challenges.

 The JICC is located on Maale Shazach St., Mount Zion, Jerusalem.

If you use Waze as your GPS, click on the following link on your smartphone to get to us: .

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