Second Training to Municipality Absorption Neighborhood Workers

Second Training to Municipality Absorption Neighborhood Workers

Today, we held the second training in the series that provides the Absorption Workers at the municipality with an introduction to the field of Cultural Competence.  The series covers topics such as organizational cultural competence, cross-cultural communication, tools for cultural competence, case studies and simulations.

The meeting was oriented towards Cross-Cultural Communication. Using a couple of personal and team exercises each of the participants extracted the core values and beliefs that guides her/him in interaction with others. The experience helped participants see that these core communication factors are based on our cultural background and origin, and that when interacting with clients and colleagues of other cultures the differences might create cultural clashes.

The interesting insight that stemmed from the day was the realization that while we all accept various values and beliefs as important and valuable, each of us prefers some to the others and may translate them into different behavior patterns. Hence, if we allow ourselves to see the positive values behind someone else’s behavior, we may shy away from negatively judging them. This is an important step towards better cross-cultural communication.

We will deepen our cross-cultural communication skills in the next meeting.

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