The coronavirus – its spread, possible cases in Israel and what to do if you’ve visited certain countries or been at different sites at certain times – is at the top of Israel’s news headlines these days.

Photo Credit: Israeli Ministry of Health site

Photo Credit: Israeli Ministry of Health site

Santé Israël has been getting the word out to French speakers around Israel.

It has translated directives from the Israel Ministry of Health, and published updates since its outbreak a few months ago. This post, from January 30, was among the first giving instructions in French:

It is important to note that the information doesn’t include medical / scientific information about the virus itself. We’ve found that there is plenty of information about the virus in French online. The goal of this awareness campaign is to make sure that as much information as possible that is issued by Israeli authorities is also available in French. Here’s one of the earlier announcements:

And one of the later announcements:

And the latest post:

In addition, Santé Israël has added the latest information to its web site.

Many thanks to the Pharmadom Foundation for their continued support of Santé Israël over the years. Wishing health and safety to all!

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