Pentecost on Mt. Zion from “Window to Mt. Zion”

Pentecost on Mt. Zion from “Window to Mt. Zion”

This past Sunday, May 15, at the height of a typical May heat wave, was the Pentecost holiday on the Catholic calendar. Mt. Zion also felt the heat.

The Pentecost is one of the five times during the year when prayers are allowed in the Cenacle, or the Room of the Last Supper. According to Christian tradition, the Pentecost prayers commemorate the Holy Spirit entering Jesus’ apostles, and the birth of the first church.

Tradition claims that this event occurred in the Cenacle. On the Catholic calendar, that day was last Sunday. (Other Christian denominations have other dates for the holiday.)

Our volunteers from Window to Mt. Zion were there to help the police, and to speak with the large number of visitors, from different religions, who visited the area of David’s Tomb (and the Cenacle) on that day.

Window on Mt. Zion volunteers making sure events run smoothly

“Window to Mt. Zion” volunteers making sure events run smoothly

Alongside the Christian pilgrims was a group of Jewish protesters, who came to protest the Christian ceremony.


Most of the protesters did not disturb the ceremony, but one did try to disrupt the ceremony with a P/A system.

This person was arrested by the police, and the prayer ceremony was beautiful and impressive.

Making sure order is kept

Making sure order is kept

In the end what really bothered the pilgrims was the heat. Thanks again to the Window to Mt. Zion volunteers for helping to keep tensions from flaring along with the heat!

More about it on the Hebrew internet site of “Window to Mt. Zion”.

Here’s the Facebook post in Hebrew:



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