Walla! – MiniActive Achievement in the News

March 10, 2016

We reported here about MiniActive’s success in obtaining an additional 3 million NIS per year to the city’s sanitation budget, which was achieved through the hard work of not only MiniActive, but also the team from 0202-A View from East Jerusalem, municipal officials, city council members, and more.

Now, this achievement is getting public attention in the country’s major news outlets. Read the Hebrew article that was published on Tuesday on the Walla! web site, one of Israel’s major news sources. Click on the picture for a PDF file of the Hebrew article:

Headline: "'Living in a Garbage Dump': East Jerusalem Residents Tired of Garbage in Streets

Headline: “‘Living in a Garbage Dump’: East Jerusalem Residents Tired of Garbage in Streets

We hope that this coverage will add to other opportunities to make the city aware of this troubling situation in East Jerusalem and to the Miniactive activist women campaign to improve their daily life.

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