Tikkun Webinar 3 – the Jewish Response to Sex Traficking

January 28, 2009

Following our successful first and second webinars titled “Tikkun Olam”, we had today the webinar on the Jewish response to sex trafficking. The “Tikkun Olam” series involves Israeli and Jewish experts and volunteers from all over the world, who focus on helping people outside the Israeli/Jewish community.

Rita Chaikin speaks at the Tikkun Webinar 3

Dr. Rita Cheikin speaks at the Tikkun Webinar 3

We had around 30 participants from all over the world (see the Israeli and American invitations), including Israel, UK, US and the Czech Republic. The first presentation was given from Haifa by Rita Chaikin, Anti-Trafficking Project Coordinator at the Haifa Feminist Center, Isha L’Isha. It was titled: “Rehabilitating Trafficked Women — Monitoring Field Work with Victims of Trafficking in Israel”. The presentation is available here.

Example of flyers at the Tikkun Webinar 3

Example of fliers at the Tikkun Webinar 3

The second presentation was given from London by Dr. Michael Korzinski, Co-Founder and Clinical Director at the Helen Bamber Foundation. Its title was “Rebuilding Lives and Inspiring a New Self-esteem in Survivors of Sex Trafficking”.

More information and audio recording of the webinar can be found at the New-York – Jerusalem Experts Exchange site.

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