MiniActive Event for Families

April 12, 2016

On March 29 MiniActive held an event for the women and their families. This year, there were 350 women at the event, which was held at the Abnaa al-Quds Community Center in the Muslim Quarter. Program director Intisar Qaraeen praised the women’s accomplishments and encouraged them to continue their amazing work. She later presented cluster coordinators with certificates of appreciation. They are the ones who keep pushing the program forward in the neighborhoods – congratulations to all!

The program also featured a Debka traditional dance performance by young women.

Dancers in traditional garb

Dancers in traditional garb

There was also a lecture by our own Atta’a Center for Rights Realization for Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. Daud Alian, Attaa director introduced the volunteer-based service, which helps Palestinian resident obtain their legal rights and benefits, and gave a few examples of rights that can be claimed from the National Insurance Institute or the Ministry of the Interior.

Atta'a lecture

Atta’a lecture

A third highlight was a lecture on religion. The lecturer discussed a number of passages from the Quran – from the commandment to take care of the environment, to the bases of faith, to the importance of women as educators in the family. He spoke about the importance of keeping personal as well as public space clean and well-preserved as an integral part of the Islamic faith.

This annual event seeks to thank the women and their families for their hard work and persistence throughout the year. Now it’s our turn – thank you, shukran!

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