MiniActive – Becoming Part of the Solution

April 15, 2013

MiniActive started ‘small’ (here’s its genesis story), with tens, hundreds, and now nearly 1,000 women monitoring and fixing everyday problems – street lights, potholes, garbage collection. We’re super proud of the magnificent growth this program has shown over the past few months, and of the dozens of sanitation and infrastructure problems the project has taken care of over the past few months in East Jerusalem (and the hundreds more that are in the pipeline). But the 3 first aid courses that finished last week is a slightly different example of how this grassroots initiative is quickly organizing solutions to critical problems.

The problem: a severe dearth of people qualified to accompany school trips as medics (which is required for school groups). That’s not to mention a general lack of knowledge about general first-aid procedures in the general public.

Learning CPR

Some 50 women participated in the 20-hour courses from all over East Jerusalem. Of these, 20 were chosen to study in a 60-hour course that will qualify them to accompany school trips. The course was taught, voluntarily, by professionals from the Emergency – Welfare, Assistance, First Aid and Response organization, which is associated with the United Hatzalah organization.

Thank you, teachers, for the donated hours. Thank you, women, for your willingness to step up and be a part of the solution. We’re sure this is just the beginning.

Instructor teaching first aid

Instructor teaching first aid

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