Have a Taste of Our Arabic Classes

July 15, 2016

Our Arabic for Communication classes are out for the summer, but registration for next year (2016 – 2017) is in full swing!

To get your mouth watering for Arabic, have a taste of a level 1 class from the 2015 – 2016 year, in which they finished a section on words about foods. They had learned verbs and other words through discussions in the market, and recipes. To sum up the section, they put their learning where their mouth is (hope they didn’t eat their words), and enjoyed a scrumptious meal. Each student explained what he or she made and gave the recipes and preparation instructions, all in Arabic.

How do you say 'sushi' in Arabic?

How do you say ‘sushi’ in Arabic?

How do you say sushi in Arabic? Register here to find out. But hurry! Places are filling up quickly!

Until next time, Sahtein (Bon Apetit)!

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