Clalit HMO Update on Adapting Clinics to Ethiopian Patients

November 14, 2008

Following a steering committee meeting on adapting Clalit’s clinics to Ethiopian patients, a meeting was held between the head of the Clalit committee and the JICC to define the main components of the cultural competence in health program in the city, as well as first steps. Clalit is the main HMO serving Jerusalem’s residents. One of the first steps decided upon was to ensure that the Amharic teleinterpretation service of “Tene Briut” would be expanded to all Clalit’s clinics in Jerusalem. The JICC introduced this service in Jerusalem, and the Clalit’s Talpiot clinic, serving around 500 Ethiopian patients, was the first to adopt it. Today, we were informed that permission was granted by Clalit to incorporate the service in the other three relevant clinics in Jerusalemite as well as in four suburban clinics that serve the Ethiopian community. The teleinterpretation service provides a major improvement in health care for this community, which suffers greatly from language and cultural barriers.

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